Why you should participate in Earth Hour

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Why you should participate in Earth Hour

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Earth Hour is an annual global event seeking to spread the awareness of environmental issues globally organized by organized by World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) every last Saturday of the month of March from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The event encourages individuals, communities, households and corporates to turn off their lights to show support for the fight against climate change and a commitment towards a better planet. We use and waste a lot of fuel (fossil fuel) and electricity. We also produce a lot of waste that is constantly feeling up our planet. Climate change is on the rise and so is deforestation and pollution globally.

The first Earth Hour started as a movement in Australia in 2008 when lights were turned off in order to save energy and promote awareness about environmental issues. Its popularity has grown and become a global phenomenon over the years.

Why should you consider participating in this year’s Earth Hour?

It’s a movement you should join

Earth Hour is a global movement that highlights environmental awareness and consciousness. Sometimes we speak in our own ‘special group’ others will not be able to understand, but a large group movement will always stir up conversations.

When many people are involved, people always wonder what is happening and will ask questions on the gathering. This can then lead to informing others on why earth hour is being done in the first place. Information such as reducing our carbon footprints in both our personal and workplaces, informing people on environmental challenges and what can be done, are some of the issues which can be discussed. When companies participate in Earth hour they encourage their staff to be environmentally conscious with how they live their daily lives.

Can one hour make a difference in reducing energy consumption

Maybe it can and maybe it can’t. In one instance, when over 120 million people in 172 different countries and 7000 cities participate in the Earth Hour, they can make a difference in the energy consumption in helping reduce the effects of global warming. How? When people are made aware of what they consume and produce, they can then be able to make the necessary changes in their daily lives. When people realise the effects of environmental destruction, they can be able to step up to stop or reduce deforestation and pollution and even probe governments to step up in environmental conservation efforts.

In another instance, we can shut off electricity or energy sources for one hour but in the next hour produce more or consume more fossil fuels. As the population grows, the number of participants will need to also grow to prevent a rise in energy consumption.

Always remember the small steps you take, such as switching off your unnecessary appliances for one hour, will make a difference. It serves as a reminder of how you are living your daily life and what you need to do to leave the world a better place than you found it.

What you can do for one hour

  • Meditate or write down your ideas in a notebook for that one hour on what you can do to better the planet and choose to take action after.
  • Have a candlelight dinner and discuss what can be done to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Attend an Earth Hour event near you
  • Organise an Earth Hour Party – with no lights -.


Forests and water; the indistinguishably linking factor plus a commitment to the planet to change beyond the hour.

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