Zero Waste

6th December 2020

Giveaway: Being Zero Waste Courtesy of GreenThing

The goal is not to be 100% zero waste but to be mindful of everything we use, consume, and produce.
1st December 2019
consumer conscious holiday

How to have a consumer conscious holiday

It’s the holiday season again and oh the amount of waste that is going to be produced in just a short period is profound. This is […]
19th June 2019

Why proper waste management should be a habit

Waste is an eyesore. Once it gets into our beautiful protected areas, rivers, lakes and oceans it just looks careless, unreasonable and clearly defines who we […]
29th November 2018
Zero waste shops

Where to shop zero waste in Kenya

Living a zero-waste and plastic-free life can be challenging. It is an amazing lifestyle knowing you have accumulated less waste that will go to the landfill. […]
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