31st October 2023

Involving Youth in Climate Action

When I was little, my father encouraged me on my affinity to protecting the environment – especially coming from a coastal village. My mother encouraged me […]
31st August 2022

Africa’s Youth must be Involved in COP27

Today, 70 percent of the population in sub-Saharan Africa is under the age of 30. With the continent facing a climate crisis, it is crucial to involve the youth to safeguard the future of people and the planet.
6th July 2021

Why Youth Should Take Lead in Climate Action

Africa is home to 17 percent of the world’s population and is one of the most vulnerable areas to be affected by the climate crisis. Rural areas […]
10th June 2021

Less Talk More Action

Ecosystem restoration! Our environment! Climate crisis! Ecological crisis! So much is happening around us. An increased sense of virtual awareness but still not enough. Who is […]
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