Nyika SIlika

31st January 2023

Because of You, I Said Yes to the Unknown

It started as an idea. An idea of telling stories about what I am passionate about. An idea of sharing the knowledge I had with the […]
3rd May 2022
Mental Health Awareness Month Nyika Silika

How to overcome climate or eco anxiety

Listen to this article on The Unspoken by Nyika Silika Podcast by here. Did you know that the entire month of May is Mental Health Awareness […]
13th October 2021

Green spaces for all

A blank page. The most difficult place to start, but I will do my best. It’s been a minute! What brings me here after a really […]
20th January 2021

This is personal

It is time I cleared my head with what has been disturbing my mind and making me feel unsettled.
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