1st October 2022
Listen to the Different Opinions

It’s Not About the Forest

Every time I listen to The Diary of a CEO podcast, how I think is constantly challenged. The conversations make me examine my current or past […]
2nd March 2018

A rant, World Wildlife Day and Kenya’s state of affairs, environmentally

Loved, hated, respected, hunted and feared. When you ask anyone how they view the big cats, either of this words will come up. Well. This is […]
12th February 2018

Why Forests Need to be Properly Managed

Everything on earth has a purpose and follows a particular system. The earth rotates around its own axis. Day and night become part of every essential […]
31st October 2017

A Walking Expedition Along Athi River

“In order to attempt the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”- Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) Starting at the ridged peaks along the Great Rift valley, Ngong […]
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