Climate Action

3rd June 2023

The Intersection of Agriculture and Technology for Climate Action

The vast agricultural sector, is responsible for a staggering 19-29% of global emissions, according to the World Bank. But hold on tight, because the numbers climb […]
25th October 2022


Climate action! Conservation action! Environmental action! The Oxford Dictionary defines action as “the process of doing something to make something happen or to deal with a […]
22nd September 2022
Global climate strike

Discussions on Loss and Damage Compensation and why Climate Financing must be Accelerated

Climate Change is affecting everyone. Some countries more than others – especially developing nations that do not contribute the most to climate change. Yet, when floods […]
10th September 2022

Advocating for Climate Justice and Other Stories

Climate change is a reality. Some people may choose to ignore it and say it's the norm. But how are droughts, heatwaves and floods the norm?
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