8th July 2023
Logging Ban Kenya

Why we should be critical about the lifting of the logging ban

There is no difference between logging and hunting. Only that in hunting the animal bleeds and we see it but in logging, we don’t see it […]
6th September 2019
Nyika Silika - Slate colored boubou

My Singing Silhouette

A story of a Slate-colored boubou image which was taken somewhere in Laikipia. I was at Mpala Research Centre chasing after birds with a camera thanks […]
14th March 2019
coastal birds

Of missed chances

Or maybe stillness… My goal of chasing the sunrise in 2019 continues. Well, I get to see the sunrise while at home every single day apart […]
21st February 2019
Hell's Gate National Park

What Hell’s Gate National Park means to me

Riding a bike through the entrance of Hell’s Gate National Park on a hot and sunny afternoon came with a flood of memories. — My first […]
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