Nachu Caves: A hidden gem in Kikuyu

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Nachu Caves: A hidden gem in Kikuyu

Nachu Caves
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Exploring hidden gems within your neighborhood is the best.

The first time I heard of Nachu Caves was this year from a community of adventure seekers; Lets Drift. The caves are found in Kikuyu at a place called Lusigetti in Ndeiya, shining the beauty of a mostly agricultural and historical sub-county. Kikuyu has few random places to visit from Ondiri Swamp to Thogoto Forest and learning about the caves added more beauty to Sub-county. The sole ambition of Lets Drift is to discover such areas that are ignored or even forgotten and our forefathers used to enjoy this beauty of their motherland.

In an effort to achieve this year’s travel mantra, “Go where you have never been. Do what you have never done,” I decided why not. Having missed several Nachu Caves Drifts by Lets Drift (they organize several excursions to the same place. So if you miss it once you will still get to go), this time when the time and energy allowed I couldn’t say no. On a Sunday morning, I was so excited to explore this new place I even thought, ooh well since it’s nearby this is going to be a short drive. Was I wrong? Definitely!

After breakfast at Crave Kitchen, For your information the excursion is named Craves and Caves, we started our journey to the caves.

Getting to the nearest town to Nachu Caves involves a close to one hour’s drive from Kikuyu Town via public transport. Like I said earlier, I was completely lost in a county I think I know and call home. If you think Kiambu County is small, you will be shocked by the many places you can get to be in tune with nature. When you get to Lusigetti it takes about 6km to get to the caves.

Nachu Caves

Because this area stretches from the lower Ngong Hills area, hills, slopes, and rocky outcrops are expected. If you are into short but adrenaline-filled hikes then this is for you. This place seems to have plenty of history within especially since it is adjacent to the Maasai Plains and being in Ndeiya which lies on the border between the territories of the Kikuyu and Maasai people.

Hiking the Gatune Hills where the Nachu Caves is located reminded me of several hiking experiences I have done including one highlight of the year, rock climbing Fischer’s Tower at Hell’s Gate National Park. If you want to face your fear of heights and falling and do not want to go big then you should go to these caves. Gatune Hills are rocky and steep and the soil is loose you have to be really careful getting up or just flow with the rocks and enjoy the fall several times.

nachu cavess

Once you get to the caves, the view is amazing. You can see Ngong Hills and the plain landscape of Lusigetti. If you are a birder and enjoy simple pleasures an Augur Buzzard drifting with the wind will warm your heart.

When you first step into Nachu Caves (there are two caves) you can feel the energy; sacred and divine. It will appear like you are going to slide right out of the cave but with time you get used to it. You will face many fears at the same time, closed spaces, heights and falling but conquering them will make your day worthwhile.

If you ever thought where you live there is nothing to explore, hold your breath. You don’t need a national park, game reserve, forest reserve or sanctuary in your locality to say you don’t have a place to visit.

Thank you Lets Drift for putting Nachu Caves on my map. Travel captures the soul and reignites the travel spirit.

All images copyright – Alex Kamau, Drift Master

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  1. Samoina says:

    Kui, to think I have lived in this area for 4 years and never gone beyond Gikambura is slightly embarrassing. Came across Nachu Caves while listing with my son, attractions in this sub-county. Enjoyed this read, should check it out. that and Ondiri Swamp!

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