Earth Optimism Nairobi is Here

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8th March 2021
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28th May 2021

Earth Optimism Nairobi is Here

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Is there a reason for hope for now and even for the future?

The future may look bleak, even impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel. If 2020 and where we are at now in 2021 is to go by, we may say tough times are coming. Last year brought with it an unprecedented amount of uncertainty. Everyone went through some trauma and it seemed like the end. Yet, there is always a seed of hope being planted regardless of what is happening. As Wangari Maathai said, “There are opportunities even in the most difficult moments.”

Purpose can give us hope and it’s in this moment that I introduce to you Earth Optimism which celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope, in the dialogue about conservation and sustainability.

“Hope is a good thing and a good thing never dies.” – African Proverb

What is Earth Optimism!

The global conservation movement has reached a turning point. We have documented the fast pace of habitat loss, the growing number of endangered and extinct species, and the increasing speed of global climate change. Yet while the seriousness of these threats cannot be denied, there are a growing number of examples of improvements in the health of species and ecosystems, along with benefits to human well-being, thanks to our conservation actions.

In 2017, thought leaders, practitioners, pioneering scientists and researchers, environmentalists, artists, civic leaders, industry participants, media, philanthropists, and other conservation-minded citizens gathered for the inaugural Earth Optimism Summit that was held from April 21 -23 in Washington DC. Earth Optimism is co-convened by Smithsonian Conservation Commons and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.

Earth Optimism Nairobi

Earth Optimism Nairobi will be held between 29 March & 4 April 2021.

The 2021 Earth Optimism’s overarching theme is restoration. Restoration of green spaces and wetlands, our food systems, marine environments, hope in communities, populations and different species of wildlife and most important, self-restoration.

2020 was a year that has pulled apart and disrupted each and every individual, community and country in many different ways; despite this tough and gruelling year, there are still stories of courage and hope that can be shared; stories of transformation and restoration that build on the lessons drawn from 2020.

The Earth Optimism 2021 focus on restoration is in line with the UN decade of restoration and Earth Day’s Restoration of our Earth themes that all underpin the importance of healthy ecosystems for healthier communities.

Join the conversation on social media #EarthOptimism and be part of Earth Optimism Nairobi here.

You too can share STORIES OF HOPE in the environment that falls under the following our 2021 themes here.

  1. Environmental Conservation: Species and Habitats
  2. Communities: Site action, Research, and Capacity building
  3. Sustainable food systems: Ecological agriculture, Food security and nutrition
  4. Climate action: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Innovation
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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
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