Dance of the Universe

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10th August 2017
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22nd August 2017

Dance of the Universe

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Dance of The Universe

The sun in its very brilliance
The moon in its magnificence
The stars in their resplendence
All gather to join in the dance

Hmmm, the dance did you say?
The trees too join in their sway
And the rocks are on their way
With the ocean across the bay

The mountains join the rhythm
The plateau cross into the realm
The desert mingle into the dream
The lakes sound the final drum

Oh! Marvel at the specs of nature
Celebrate the coexistence culture
The awesomeness eyes capture
An assurance of a better future

Benny Wanz

Another poetry moment courtesy of Benny, a writer and designer at He majors in poetry, articles writing and web content creation. He writes diversely from all fields but is quite passionate about writing on nature and daily life happenings.

Featured image courtesy of Anthony Muwasu via Tony Wild

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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui is a believer in all things beautiful. A believer in spreading information in regards to environmental awareness. A believer in sharing all that is good in Kenya's natural world. A believer in speaking truth with no boundaries. Do you have a story, photo, experience or message you need to share? Send your work to


  1. I love environment conservation and i would love to blog host for you sometime. You are doing a good jod creating awarenes for environment conservation,keep up the good work!😆

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