Guest Posts

8th June 2020
Oceans Day

World Oceans Day and Kenya’s War on Plastics

Imagine living day by day eating huge chunks of plastics which you mistake for food and what that would to your body. As much as we […]
5th June 2020

A Green Reality Check

Infectious zoonotic disease outbreaks are increasing in both frequency and geographical range as is evidenced by how humankind is reeling from the effects of COVID 19, […]
19th March 2020

The transition to clean energy in Kenya | Guest Post

When carbon (CO2 or carbon dioxide) and other heat-trapping emissions are released into the air, they act like a blanket, holding heat in our atmosphere and […]
5th March 2020

All Life on Earth Matter | Guest Post

World Wildlife Day is being celebrated every year on 3rd March. In 2020, the theme is "Sustaining all life on Earth". This encompasses all wild animals and plant species as key components of the world's biodiversity and their ecosystems whether on land, in oceans, lakes or rivers.
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