Young Eco-Warriors at Green Kids Award 2018

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June 4, 2018
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Young Eco-Warriors at Green Kids Award 2018

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We face many environmental challenges today. There is a need for innovation and ideas to leave the one blue planet we call home a much better place for other occupants and for future generations. We all have ideas to shape the planet but we can only implement them when we work on them.

Children today are the now. We prefer to refer to children as future leaders but they are already leading. As adults, we may shape the planet, but, children are always watching our every action. They can choose to go against normal social mantras. An observation indicated children will understand more than their parents. Consider the mobile phone. A child will install an application and go through the functions and operating system faster than most adults.

With generation Z, who today speak out more than previous generations have in masses, they also work on their ideas. This indicates a chance of growth. An increase in human population has resulted in more ideas, especially with technology. This offers an easy access to knowledge and information, shrinking the earth to a small village. We get to know what is happening in different parts of the world. It then becomes easier to act on challenges more than in the stone age period.

“Eventually we’ll realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves.” – Jonas Salk

It is important to recognize children’s efforts in protecting the environment. Deforestation, poaching, plastic pollution, e-waste and climate change birth solution thinkers. Children do need encouragement and should be taught about environmental conservation from an early age.

The first ever Green Kids Award launched in 2018. The award target children as early below 18 years of age. It highlights children’s innovations in Kenya with respect to the environment. The various green projects submitted aid in protecting, nurturing and spreading awareness on environmental challenges across the country. This encourages young creative minds in developing innovate concepts towards sustainable climate and environment.

Green Kids Award is an initiative by Tinah Lughano. She is also the founder of Little Miss Kenya.

Category entries in the Green Kids Award 2018 were:

  • Individual Category below 9 years
  • Individual Category above 9 years
  • Primary School Category
  • Secondary School Category
  • Club Category

Children in the various categories show-cased uplifting actions and innovations. With the support of their parents and schools, they are able to work on their projects to safeguard the planet in their own little way.

The Green Kids Award 2018 champions were awarded at an event held at Micheal Joseph Centre on 2nd of June. The judging was overseen by Elizabeth Wanjiru, James Wakibia, Lily Tanui and Yvonne Githiora as each nominee/s presented their innovation and ideas on the day.

And the winners for Green Kids Awards 2018 are:

Melissa Thuo- Green Kids Award Individual Category (below 9Yrs)

Green Kids Awards - Nyika Silika

Mellisa Thuo’s Green Project

Paullette Rihmina- Green Kids Award Individual Category (above 9 Yrs)

Green Kids Awards - Nyika Silika

Rahmina Paullette’s Green Project

Rare Gem Talent Academy- Green Kids Award -Primary School Category

Green Kids Awards - Nyika Silika

Rare Gem’s Talent Sch Green Project

Njoro Precious Girls-Green Kids Award- Secondary School Category

Green Kids Awards - Nyika Silika

Njoro Precious Girls Green Project

Soweto Youth Initiative Green Kids Award- Club Category

Green Kids Awards - Nyika Silika

Soweto Youth Initiatives Green Project

All the participants were awarded prizes to encouraged them to be eco-warriors. Remember, you are never too old to start.

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