It’s never that serious #WhatInspiresMe

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October 8, 2018
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It’s never that serious #WhatInspiresMe

What inspires me
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Once I overheard a conversation discussing one prominent blogger who was (still is) very popular, but faded out after he won an award. I was intrigued because I have actually met this particular person and was once an inspiration as I was starting the writing/blogging journey. I agree that consistency is key, but sometimes you never know what happens when someone takes a break, albeit no matter how long or short it is. So many bloggers, YouTubers and generally all digital content creators take a break once in a while. A mental break for that matter. Maybe this happens when you are trying to find your writing voice. Maybe it’s because you have a full-time job and have limited time to work on your own brand which actually got you the opportunity in the first place. Sometimes, you may be mentally exhausted or stuck in a mental rut and need a break. Many times, we may never know. To make it worse, comparing yourself to a work at home person compared to your full job never helps the situation.

On occasion, I take breaks, more so during the first week of the month. Sometimes an entire month. It has become mentally engrained that every beginning of the month all I do is write one post or none and fill my notebook with a lot of content ideas, not necessarily for my blog but other projects. I consider this period as a look back period, a review of what I have done during the month and even what I haven’t. Sometimes, I can write 4 times a month, sometimes twelve. On either occasion, I have to look at what were the expectations? What were the challenges? Why was I not able to do particular posts? What were the emerging topics during the month? Was I able to highlight them? Can I do better next month? On occasion, I have been in a situation where I did not write any topic scheduled for the month but instead wrote on all emerging topics that appeared during the month. Generally, like life, sometimes there are high moments, sometimes there are low moments. Life will usually go on even when things don’t go according to plan.

My inspiration is drawn from so many observations. It’s never the same. Sometimes it is not even nature related. It could be a conversation. It could be something that disgusted me such as trash on the roadside, trees being felled down. An issue on conservation in the public. A question someone asks randomly on social media or anywhere else. Sometimes, it’s even one word that can spark an entire article. Other times it is realizing your own questions and writing a post about it. The good ones are attending events, no matter how random and realizing that I can actually write more than even one topic from the event.

Writing has made me more observant and not afraid to ask. No matter how stupid the question is. I have become more open to new ideas, new experiences and meeting new people. It is more fun and rewarding. Over time, you learn and grow and even feel inspired when others join you. I may not get the message out there to many people but I have started a conversation. Just like a small ripple effect that becomes a wave, nothing is left to chance.

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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
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