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There are many travel bloggers in Kenya. However, few are able to showcase Kenya from an environmental conservation perspective. As a conservationist, I am always searching for places to go that are not only hidden but capture Kenya’s beauty and the efforts in conservation and environmental restoration.

These bloggers showcase Kenya in different eyes. You will not only want to travel but cherish the beautiful natural world.

Be inspired to get out and travel and still promote environmental conservation.

Grace Wangui | Gracia Photography

Grace Wangui is a landscape, wildlife and travel photographer. When bought her first camera, a Kodak film camera she chose to document her travel adventures. She has captured her travels in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Ethiopia and Nepal.

Travel and photography excite her and give her fulfilment. Through her lens, she showcases the earth’s beauty of nature, cities, people and culture.

Through her blog and photography, you will be inspired to experience nature, communities and culture as she brings you the beauty of the continent of Africa. She also promotes conservation of the environment through photography and serves as an information tool for travel.

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Risper Asembo | Beyond the Trails Globo

For Risper, growing up in the western part of Kenya, where the chirping of birds was a normal morning routine, her love for nature blossomed.

Over the years, she has developed a passion for nature and believes the best way to showcase the beauty of nature is through travel, continuous learning and limited exploration of the endless wonders of nature. In addition, sharing is caring. The blog offers an opportunity to share her adventures with others who will now appreciate its beauty.

Be inspired to travel and explore Kenya through her blog and in the end you will probably be inspired to conserve Kenya’s beauty for future generations.

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Sidney Shema | Shots By Shema

Travelling can be tedious when you are not really focused on Kenya’s historical sites or landmarks but want to explore the untamed wilderness of Kenya.

Sidney Shema is a wildlife researcher and photographer specializing in birds of East Africa. His blog is an avenue for people to see the true value and importance of wildlife and be inspired to conserve it.

His travel stories are fascinating and with the added advantage of photography, one can only be awed to visit a place and see the value of conserving it.

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Anthony Ochieng’  | Tony Wild

Anthony is a wildlife ecologist, nature and wildlife photographer, traveller, educator and explorer. From a young age, he has had a unique interest in nature that has built the unique bond between himself and relationships with others.

He is an amazing photographer who captures the beauty of our beautiful avian friends. Through his website, you can be able to learn plenty about birds and their habitat and their importance in our ecosystem.

You will definitely be left in awe at the uniquely captured still moments of wildlife in Kenya and possibly want to travel more.

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The Kenyan Camper

When a tent is your next home. This blog will inspire you to pack and go to the places you have never been before.

Do you want to watch the beautiful stars unhindered by artificial lights? The Kenyan Camper will show you where. Do you want to discover the hidden and untamed landscapes of Kenya? The Kenya Camper is definitely an inspiration.

I’m always inspired by this blog with the sheer bliss of knowing you do not need much to enjoy and go to amazing places in Kenya, you only need a camping plan and you are good to explore.

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Purvi and Kamal Vinodrai Shah | Kampur Travel Diaries

Travel is food for the soul. For Kampur Travel Diaries the choice was made to get away from Nairobi’s urban jungle and explore the different parts of Kenya.

The blog was started with a belief that a person’s well – being is related to getting away regularly from the daily pressures of life coupled with the abundance of natural beauty in Kenya.

The writers showcase the beautiful country of Kenya through amazing photography which will leave you wanting to go out as well and explore.

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Vicki Wangui
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