February 4, 2014
Tsavo East National Park

Emaciated Ele

Its mid-day at Tsavo Conservation Area and the sun is just staring at us and we cannot do anything about it. The vet in the area has been […]
December 24, 2013

Kenya at 50.

Kenya is celebrating 50 years of self-rule and as a commemoration I would like to share why I love Kenya and why everyone should, at least, […]
October 23, 2013
Rock Hyrax. Nyika Silika

Photogenic Hyrax

Small creature, almost the size of a rabbit, mostly confused with rodents, the hyrax is classified together with an elephant and sirenians (dugong and manatees). Hard to believe!!  […]
October 16, 2013
Yello Baboon. Nyika SIilika

Yellow Baboon

Yellowish brown body hair, black face and pinkish sitting pads (Ischias callosities), standing at 84cm for males and 60cm for females, averagely, with life spans of […]