Musings of an untold story behind the scenes

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May 28, 2018
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June 4, 2018

Musings of an untold story behind the scenes

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What happens when you ask yourself questions you don’t get answers to? When your next to giving up but that doesn’t even exist in your ideology? When all you want to do is make a difference yet even the smallest thing is going against you?

It’s a new month. I know May was slow for Nyika SIlika. Things just got real even when I still know I have to work on it. Even though the consistency level was at par, my standard goal for publishing posts was far from being reached. Content is always there but the will to work on the craft just disappears. Questions keep coming up within your head whether this is for you. Whether you are playing it safe. Or maybe you are not worth it. Your mind can play tricks on you. It does. It will and it will never stop playing simple tricks against you. Tricks to make you give up. This is when you should actually know this is for you and no one else can do what you do except you.

Writing is never easy. Some people will look at your work and think it’s in you to write, but Thin its entirety, the struggle is real. Before you craft even the simplest sentence it takes a strong will. It’s not even about talent, skill or passion. It is more than this. The lonely phase of blogging/content creation comes when you wonder if anyone is bothered. When you ask yourself whether you are making a difference? When you want to do so many things but there is always a wall. Well, you can choose to climb the wall in whichever way, smash through it and create a window, dig underground to the other side or go around it. The decision one chooses all depends on you. How you respond to the situation also determines what will happen afterwards. Remember, choosing to let the wall be a block is also a choice. I choose this struggle though, so it’s cool with me for now.

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The good thing is, asking ourselves questions is allowed, even encouraged. “In many cases, the simple act of asking ourselves such questions generates the humility and compassion needed to resolve a lot of our issues.” – Mark Manson

Learning it is never that serious. So I didn’t manage to do three posts last month. What happens in the present should always be better than my past! I still have the ideas I still have a platform to encourage, educate, share experiences and be the change. No matter how small the change is.

Living through every person who makes a difference in their own way. Through hope both of children and adults who respect mother nature as it is regardless of any political, sociological, environmental (always a good thing) conflict that always arise.

Acknowledging those who act. Those who chose to live by their word and not just speaking saying absolutely nothing to people who actually do not care. Those who walk the talk. Cheers!

Knowing that patience is a virtue. It’s not how long you wait but how you behave while waiting. Nothing happens overnight. It never has. It all takes calculated steps to reach a certain level. Even when it seems like it was an overnight success, steps were taken beforehand. Read Outliers for more insights.

Recognising, I am work in progress. Writing is not as natural to me. I stumbled on it when I realised my thoughts put on paper/blank screen are beautiful.

Progress counts no matter how small.

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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui is a believer in all things beautiful. A believer in spreading information in regards to environmental awareness. A believer in sharing all that is good in Kenya's natural world. A believer in speaking truth with no boundaries. Do you have a story, photo, experience or message you need to share? Send your work to or

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