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May 4, 2018
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May 14, 2018
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“I think it is arrogant to think we can save a planet that gave life to us.” It’s even more arrogant to think this way.

Do you think the planet needs to be saved? Is there any chance that humankind can save the planet? No because there is nothing wrong with the planet. We consider ourselves superior, yet we live with other creatures on this planet. We are mandated to take care of the planet. To live it better than we found it. Whatever happens, whether a volcanic eruption occurs is not up to us but to creation in itself. Nature always has an upper hand. However, this does not mean we should live our lives not bothered about future generations because we think in the end evolution shall happen. Life will always remain a mystery and so we cannot know when the volcano will erupt, when our human genetic structure will choose to turn around or split or a virus decides to exterminate the human race. This will only be nature acting as it does.

As citizens of the earth, it starts today. We have brilliant minds that can result in chaos or order. We are the one species that have started wars and ended them. Destroyed nature chasing species to extinction but we seek to bring them back. Yet, our brilliant minds overcome by greed always seeks to destroy other human beings. Even those we will not get to meet. Sometimes, I think, certain harms happen because the generation that resulted in the harm thinks that the future generation will solve it.

I have heard such absurdities as ‘let’s use plastic today because the future generation will come up with a solution to our plastic pollution.’ ’Let’s develop each inch of this earth because the future generation will adapt.’ Well, if evolution were to speak, it would want to shout for all to hear. Yet, it chooses to go at its pace, leaving us humans to speed up the processes. In actuality, certain talk only signifies how selfish as a human population we are. Even when a male lion decides to kill a cub from another male lion, which is the norm among this species described as infanticide, this, as defined by biologists, is not any selfish act. Basically, it ensures the male genome remains stronger. If the father of the male cub who was killed was around, he would have fought back. But he wasn’t there or maybe he lost the fight, signifying a weak gene that needs to be eradicated. As the Darwinian evolutionary theory clearly states, in the wild areas of our planet, it is always survival of the fittest.

As human beings who seek not to speed up an actual human-caused extensive coastal flood as the icebergs continue to melt or wide desert areas due to climate change, we need to be more proactive about what we do every day. Why should we suffer for our human-induced activities?

The latest forest scenario in our country has unravelled plenty of ill will from those mandated to protect the lungs and water sources of a whole nation. The said, are not bothered by cutting down even ancient trees, all because ‘money talks’. We forget money is just money. Money can never be eaten. Even if one gets all the money after destroying an entire forest, the country will already be a desert and you will use that money to buy water, air and food. Resources you can get free without having to stress. We have lost the sense of delayed gratification. It’s not enough to wait for tourism revenue accrued from these forests. We can just sell the forest while the people watch it all.

We still think revenge is amazing so we can eat monkeys and kill rhinos. After having a good view of what conservation has become in Kenya, poaching cases do not surprise me anymore. We have lost our minds and clearly want to be like other countries, rhinoless. Maybe we should leave these rhinos in peace. Saving endangeres species is a waste of time and resources. We use communities and instead of teaching them how to fish we give the fish itself. We have no idea how it is to live each day worried that the one goat you have will be food for that ‘stray’ leopard, which is in fact not stray but has no idea what these boundaries set by man are. We have considered snakes to be evil yet we cry foul when rats storm our granaries.

We are also great consumers and never realise what we consume has great impacts on the other species we live with. Our addiction to plastic has led us to think this are items we cannot live without. Yes, plastic items have made life easier since its inception. But, the rate at which we are consuming and disposing of our plastic waste is worrying. In 2050 we will have more plastic in our oceans than fish, sea mammals and plants. This should make us act now. Unless you think the future generation got this and they will adapt.

Evolution is a naturally occurring process. Man, despite our harmful activities, cannot destroy the planet. The planet is far much bigger, way too old and has seen the worst and still the best. The planet has survived everything in its time. From earthquakes to tectonic movements, volcanoes to continental drifts. We, human beings, at this particular time zone we are in now, have nothing on the planet. We are special, yes, but all other species are special too. Be a responsible human being. We are only a mild threat to the planet.

“We’ve been residents here for the blink of an eye. If we’re gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us.” – Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park / Congo

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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
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