Animals United: We are nature and nature is us

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September 1, 2018
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I don’t know how, but this animation missed the list.

This is a well thought off animated film that begins in the Savannah where humans have built a dam locking of water for all the animals in the area.  This depicts human greed who is only bothered by their own existence. This is followed by a polar bear scene in the arctic where a conference of the parties on climate change is being held in an effort to monitor climate change. The irony, the delegates are busy taking pictures while ice caps break off. Not in the least bothered, the delegates leave the area with carbon emitting vehicles depicting the rate at which human have gone in oil exploration in Greenland reducing the number of arctic species. The film moves to the Galapagos Island where a ship breaks in the ocean emitting oil in the water thus making it unfit for consumption. In the Australian outback, the rate of desertification has highly increased resulting to drought, sand storms and fire breakouts thus reducing the habitat for all wildlife in the area.

The animated film follows the life of a meerkat (Billy), lion (Socrates), a rooster, polar bear (Sushi), Galapagos Tortoises (Winifred and Winston), Kangaroo (Toby), Tasmnin Devil (Smiley), a chimpanzee (Toto) and human delegates who are holding the annual conference of the parties in Africa’s Okavango Delta at a luxury resort which has been created by the built dam.

If you are aware of climate talks, you may understand that plenty is discussed during these meetings and that is important. But does anything come out of it? We are all different countries at different economical levels and I do find it interesting that developed countries always think they have the right to actually decide what the developing countries need in terms of climate change and land restoration. The annual gathering of countries may be a good moment to actually act on said goals rather than discuss what was not done and what needs to be done. These conferences happen way too many times where countries send out representatives only to come back, sometimes, having accomplished a few or no goals.

“For man is a thief who comes in the night and takes what he wants from the land. He is like a snake who eats his own tail to survive. But the earth does not belong to man, he is only a tiny part of it.” Winifred (Galapagos tortoise)

As human beings who have been given the mandate to protect all species, shouldn’t we put ourselves as part of the species that we are protecting? As part of the nature we highly speak off? Climate change is not a one country issue. It is not only a developed country problem. There is no barrier that protects the heat waves from a country that has a high pollution rate from a country that has maintained its forest. Climate change is global problem and even though the number of people who don’t believe in it are the number one polluters, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We could take a different perspective. Just as the film depicts a highly impossible act where all animals from the tropics to the arctic unite to fight for their lives, we as humans can learn from this. The film did not entirely focus on one species or one zone. It focused on all species who work together, despite their differences to unite against environmental destructions caused by the human race.

The animation is also a reminder that many parts of Africa remain untouched and we need to conserve every part. We do not need to be against development, we only need to develop with the environment in mind. We all breathe from the same air. We all benefit from the environment whether animal or human. We all can unite.

Animals United is definately a must watch film.

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