5 ways to conquer a burnout

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5 ways to conquer a burnout

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Have you ever had those days you have so much to do yet you have no psyche at all? Those days when you wish you could just stare at the vast ocean and completely do nothing? Not for just one day, but even an entire month.

My blogging journey has been challenging. Sometimes I have so much content ideas to release but have no will to do so. Following the end of last year, I was overwhelmed by even the need to write just 100 words. It was exhausting to even think I need to publish a post let alone even create one. I didn’t want to publish content just because I had a to-do list of posts. Consistency is key but ‘Content is king’. Good content will go further to resonate with even just one person.

I came to understand that we all go through this phase. Not once, not twice but several times. Whether you are a content creator, an accountant, a doctor, a research scientist, a lawyer, a tour guide or even a teacher. Sometimes the days seem unending and perilous and you are on the brink of calling it quits. This is what is called burnout. When it gets, you need not to panic. There are ways to overcome it.

Where could you start when you experience burnout.

Be grateful all day every day

Step one: Have a gratitude journal

I have a bunch of journals where I write everything and anything. When I have an Idea, I’m overwhelmed and want to get my thoughts together in one place, I note it down. You can choose to have a specific one to write your thoughts down or have many. Your phone, laptop or tablet may also work, but it always seems better when you physically write down with a pen or pencil.

It seems common and odd to have a journal. You may think it doesn’t work but you will be surprised it does. Your journal can also be a place where you can share your fears. It does not have to be one page long. Even one sentence counts. Sharing your fears can, in turn, make you realize what you already have now and be grateful for it. My major gratitude the entire 2018 was having published more than one hundred posts on the blog, the recognition I got not only in Kenya but global, and the family, friends and all my followers who took their time to read my pieces.

Even when you are back into the rhythm, continue to be grateful. If you can’t find yourself writing your grateful list, you can choose another effective option, take gratitude walks. Every day, write down or speak at least five things you are grateful for.

Rediscover your why and be patient with it

Step two: Look back

There is always a reason why you started a project or an idea. There is always the boost you get when you remember why you do what you do. Your ‘why’ is the reason you wake up every morning to continue to do what you do. Your ‘why’ is the reason that even on the bad days, there is hope to live another day. Your ‘why’ reminds you of your purpose.

Your ‘why’ can also change.

Always remember why you do what you do. One day at a time.

Re-imagine it all

Step three: Look forward

What happens in between before the finish line can be overwhelming. However, during a burnout, remember what it is you want to achieve in the end. Is it worth it? If yes, strategize what you need to do in order to get there. The burnout period could be a reminder or a call out to change the way you are doing what you are doing. Remember, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results doesn’t yield to anything.

Re-energize and don’t feel guilty

Step four: Rest

Relax and enjoy the process. You could be extremely tired especially if you are doing many different activities or jobs at the same time. Choose carefully what you can let go and what you need to still work on. Remain optimist during this period where you feel like nothing is going the way you want it to. The important reminder is not to quit. It’s a time to reflect. Do what makes you happy. Do what will energize you and give you more strength to continue on your craft. Fill your cup. This will give you more motivation and keep you inspired. This is actually a great time to be in tune with nature and time to re-discover yourself.

Mind your business

Step five: It’s never that serious

A burnout can leave you feeling like you are not doing enough. You will end up looking at what others are doing, including your friends and family, more so in today’s social media world. This might make you wonder what exactly is your purpose or if what you are doing is good enough. The imposter syndrome may present itself and you will begin to think people will realise you are fake, while in fact, you are not. During this moment, the pressure will be high. The opinions your head is telling you will be unpleasing. While you go through this, remember step one, your gratitude journal. Write everything down. Remember how far you have come from, your end goal and what inspires you. Keep in mind, other people opinions of you should not bother you. You are also only in competition with your yourself and you are enough.

Everyone experiences a burnout even when pursuing their passion. How you deal with it is what matters.

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Vicki Wangui
Vicki Wangui
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  1. I read this and it felt so relatable on many levels! but especuially on going back to the ‘WHY’. It answers a lot, why did you start in the first place? looking back at what you have been able to achieve also gives some momentum.

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