15 Stunning Instagram Accounts for Nature Enthusiasts

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15 Stunning Instagram Accounts for Nature Enthusiasts

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Social media has given us a platform where we can easily showcase our art, thoughts and ideas to a global digital world. When used positively, we can be able to change attitudes by enlightening others to protect what they may not be able to see at the moment but will get to see one day when just that one image causes a need to protect the species.

Remember the Single Story of Conservation? Well here we are. Highlighting Kenyans, young, both physically and at heart, showcasing our countries natural beauty through the power of the lens. Shooting wild life and natural landscape is more than just a westernized ideology. It is an expression of talents or gifts one has and sharing them with the world. It is a way to educate and enlighten the masses on the importance of every being on our planet. Everything has a purpose and Kenya has an amazing bunch of people who showcase the beauty of Kenya to the global digital world.

Remember, every photographer has a different ‘eye’ and spectra of view. Just because you own a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer.

With more than 3 million users on Instagram in Kenya, this are accounts you should follow for a nature inspired timeline. (Click on the name for direct link to page.)

1. Anthony Muwasu

When one has a view of birds up close, you will be amazed by the intrinsic beauty, colour and splendour of this feathered species. When you are looking for amazing pictorial on the avian world and others in species in the wild world of Kenya, look no further than Anthony’s page. Your timeline will forever be filled with inspiration and new knowledge.

2. Washington Wachira

An amazing page to learn about birds and other wild species. You will also get to learn and be entertained by the images. Washington also shares his experiences and maybe you will be inspired to do and be more. He is also a TED Talk speaker as he highlights why we should all love birds.

3. Sidney Shema

When you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can never get enough of the avian world. With over 1100 bird species in Kenya, Sidney’s page is a must follow for a different outlook and adventure on the wild side.

4. James Muchina

Kenya’s beauty is diverse. James’ images offers one with views of the Big Five and other wild animals in Kenya. His images are well thought of and showcase animal behaviour in their most natural elements.

5. Onesmus Ole Irungu

A look at Kenya’s wildlife, landscape and escapades on the

6. Peter Chira

One word. Astounding.

7. Steve Kipruto

Catch up with Steve’s adventures as he showcases endangered species such as the Grevy’s Zebra, the Black Rhino and the Chimpanzee.

8. Martin Odino

What spoke for me most was the vulture images. Vultures are viewed as ugly species by most people. However, Martin reminds us vultures are also photogenic. Maybe a reminder to why we should conserve them as without vultures we stand to face a rise in problematic health issues, not just in the ecosystem, but also with our own lives.

9. Boniface Muthoni

A world full of everything insects. Get enlightened and view bugs in beautiful colours and poses that might get you love Boni’s view of insects through the lens. His use of light to make the insects stand out is beautiful to see.

10. Kiarie Mathaga

An amazing feed to have through your timeline. You will be left with wonder at Kenya’s abundant wildlife.

11. Robert Kiambati

When you need all that glow of nature flowing through your timeline. This is one of those.

12. Joseph Ngotho

For well though of photos, this is one Instagram to have on your feed. Joseph also does amazing photos on people in the wild.


13. Abraham Njenga

Follow Abraham on his adventures through Kenya’s landscapes.

Enough of the testosterone.

14. Grace Wangui

Grace is a travel enthusiast and showcases her travel experiences especially of wildlife and landscapes through the lens.  Landscape, Wildlife and Travel Photography. She is the founder of Gracia Photography where one will get to see all her experiences in detail.

15. Caroline Wanjiru

Caroline’s love for photos can be clearly seen through her images. If the love does not radiate back to you, then maybe you should yourself a lens.

PS: On a search for other female nature photographers. Share their link on the comment section and let’s spread diversity in the human race.

Which Kenyan Nature Photographer/s do you follow and believe should be on the list? Tell us in the comments section.

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Vicki Wangui
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