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Kenya’s has amazing environmental conservation work emulated by most of Africa. There are many places to visit and explore. With immense knowledge on this, what better way to showcase Kenya than using magazine publications? Each magazine is either published in print, viewed online and/or downloaded on the online space.

These are some of the nature and travel magazines published in Kenya. Most of the editors and contributors share what they know best. To know how you can subscribe to each, click on the magazine name.

  1. Conservation Africa Magazine

Conservation Africa launched in 2017. It showcases what is happening in Africa’s in relation to the environment. It seeks to provide knowledge on environmental issues and provide various solution. The magazine seeks to be an education tool in passing the conservation message.

  1. The Explorer

The Explorer is a magazine published under The Explorer’s Club of Kenya. The first issue was in October of 2014. It is a quarterly magazine. The magazine focuses on exploring the less visited areas in Kenya. It also looks at environmental conservation in Kenya, both flora and fauna observations and a glimpse of our skies.

  1. Mazingira Yetu

Mazingira Yetu is a magazine full of educative content on environmental conservation in Kenya. The magazine showcases conservation projects done by various people. It also highlights articles on insights and the latest trends on global conservation .


  1. Animal Welfare

This is a publication under Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW). The magazine has intriguing articles on the latest news in animal welfare and conservation work in Kenya, Africa and around the world.

  1. Kenya Birding 

Kenya Birding is a publication under Nature Kenya (the East African Natural History Society). This magazine is published annually and focuses on Avifauna and any projected related to the same in Kenya. It captures interesting stories and insights on birds and/or their habitats, captivating bird images, tips on birding and photography, and inspiring projects. The first issue publication was in 2012.

  1. Komba Magazine

Komba is a publication under Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK). The magazine works hand in hand with the objectives of WCK. Spreading awareness, interest and knowledge about wildlife and the environment among the youth. Three issues are published annually.

  1. Swara

Swara means antelope in Swahili. Swara Magazine is a publication under the East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS). It’s a quarterly magazine. The magazine is an amazing reference tool as it showcases conservation issues in East Africa in depth. It also provides insights on conservation in Kenya and solutions to some of the challenges we currently face. In the beginning it was known as the EAWLS Review. This was published in conjunction with the Nation Media Group of newspapers. It later changed to Africana and since 1978 the name Swara is in use.

  1. Msafiri Magazine

Msafiri is a publication under Kenya Airways’. It is an in-flight magazine published every month. The magazine explores all that encompasses Kenya Airways’. It highlights both regional and international route network in Kenya. It also showcases what one can do in Kenya whether for business or leisure. The magazine was first published in 2005.

  1. Nomad Magazine Kenya

Nomad is a travel destination magazine. The magazine highlights the best and less known places to visit in East Africa. It offers insightful and personal travel experiences, amazing photography from Kenya’s best and tips and tricks of being a nomad. The first issue was published in May 2017.

  1. Tembea Magazine

Tembea is a publication under Silverstone Air. It is an in-flight magazine published quarterly. It’s first issue started this year (January 2018).

  1. Travel Africa Magazine

Travel Africa magazine is also a publication under Kenya Airways. It is a quarterly magazine whose dedication is promoting travel around Africa. The magazine has information that seeks to inspire and offer advice for any traveller interested in Africa. It’s first launch was in 1997.

  1. Why I love Kenya

This is a publication of The Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Tourism Federation. The magazine is a good example of what can happen when the public and private sector merge. It is a bi-monthly destination magazine showcasing the best of Kenya and why it should be a must place to visit. The magazine was launched in May 2017.

Do you know of any other nature and travel related magazine that has not been captured within this list? Share in the comment section and let’s all grow and learn.

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