10 Kenyan Songs that Speak on Environmental Awareness

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Music has the power to change the world. Music brings out a huge influence on what we think and how we view the world. It can drive and propagate individuals and even nations to make positive change.  A few minutes is all it takes to make a difference when it comes to music.

Kenyan artists have taken up the challenge to sing about the environment. These songs can be used as education tools for many people today and even generations to come. For already established and upcoming artists, they could consider writing or singing songs that speak of our country’s heritage.

These songs are some of my favourite picks so far. Have a listen and spread the message.

1. Wanyama Wa Pori – Parking Lot Grass

From Parking Lot Grass’ ‘Tusk at Hand‘ Album, this is a song that has a clear message.  It calls for us to protect our wild animals instead of poaching them to extinction for money that won’t help our country but individuals. It also calls out for us to end corruption within our country that results to poaching. We don’t want to end up in a situation where children are only told stories of wildlife in books (Sielewi kwa nini, tuwachinje tuuze pembe ya nini, Wanyama wa Pori watabaki ni Wanyama wa stori).  Have a listen to the full song and album here.

Album Image: Parking Lot Grass. Source

2. Tusimame –  Emmanuel Jal, Vanessa Mdee, Juliani, & Syssi Mananga

A collaboration of African artists worth listening to. The artists have brought out the greed that is in wildlife poaching and environmental destructions. The song calls out for us to protect and stand for our wildlife since it is our obligation to do so for future generations. Together we can prevent the extinction of elephants and other wildlife that roam our nation.

3. Ndovu – Sam Chizi

This song is basically about the plight of the elephant as it gives this particular animal high praise starting from its behaviour which human beings should emulate. It calls for the arrest of all poachers who are a threat to the species. #StopPoaching

4. So Beautiful – Safe Joe and Janet

This song is about our heritage and why it is worth protecting from the greed that drives poaching killing entire elephant families. It’s worth listening up to the end. The song calls out for all of us to come together to protect all our wildlife.

5.Mazingira – Ameru Crew

This song calls us to come together to protect our elephant and the entire environment. It reminds us of the current state of the environment such as water shortage, human-wildlife conflicts, and the ever looming poaching menace.

6. Champion – SouthBandKe

The title of the song itself is very clear. Calling on us to be champions for the environment. To not observe our heritage been poached, but act and defend our wildlife. It is every person’s duty to protect the environment.

7. Save our Elephants – Dandora Music

“How do you feel when you kill our elephants and national heritage?” A question posed to the poachers. The artists have expressed their sadness about poaching. It also calls for us to protect our heritage for not only us but the future generation.

8. A Better Place – Luca Berardi

One of the youngest and most talented conservationist, Luca Berardi, sings about how we should make a better place on earth for all beings everywhere on earth.

9. The Generation of Light – Carter Harrell

” Every day is the day you can make your life what you want it to be….Every Sunrise, you wake up, live laugh love; help society see. That we are the change makers, dreaming with our eyes open; So Stand Up Shout Out and live the life YOU have chosen. Never give up!” – The Generation Of Light

This song calls Generation Now to be the change they want to see in the society. We can change the world.

10. Together We Can (Climate Change) – Dandora Music

Small seeds make the world go green‘. The song reminds us that we have the potential to green our earth and protect our environment.

Which is your favourite song? What other environmental related songs have you heard of? Share in the comments section.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


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